Beauty Blenders Review – Love or Leave?

Beauty Blenders - Love or Leave?

Beauty Blender dupes I got from eBay for about a dollar each!

I have to admit, I LOVE using these. They blend makeup in so much better than brushes or fingers. You first put the sponge under water, then squeeze the water out, and then put your foundation on with it. It makes your foundation look very natural; it hardly looks like you’re wearing foundation. It gives it a very dewy finish. The only downside is that my face smells like sponge afterwards for hours. This might not be a problem with the more expensive ones, not sure. But I absolutely love how it makes my foundation look.

I’d rate these a 4.5/5 overall. For putting on foundation, I’d give them a 5/5, but overall they’re just a 4.5 just because of the scent they leave on my face.

Would Laura Love it or Leave It? LOVE IT!  For $1 each, how could I not?!

Has anyone else tried these? Dupes or real? What did you think of them?


4 thoughts on “Beauty Blenders Review – Love or Leave?

    1. I’ve been using my beauty blender almost all the time, but I think I will still use a foundation brush once in awhile too! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  1. I’d never even thought to look on ebay for dupes, going to have a look now. hear so many good things about the bb xx

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