This Week’s Candle

This Week's Candle

I can’t get over this candle pedestal. I just think it’s so cute, so it’ll probably make numerous appearances on here. 🙂

Anyway, this week’s candle is “Garden Party” by Bath and Body Works. It smells like a field full of flowers – it’s such a sweet, summery smell. I just used the “Sundress” candle by them last week and I am becoming a fan of their candles. It’s so therapeutic to burn a nicely scented candle. And 3 for $10 isn’t too bad of a deal either!

If you like candles but haven’t tried out BBW candles yet, you definitely should! If you’re worried about the scent being too strong, don’t worry. Strong smells often both my head, but these don’t bother me at all. I can’t really smell them that much when they’re burning.

If you already burn BBW candles, what are some scents you would recommend? I’m planning on getting a few more in a couple weeks and I’d love to hear some recommendations. 🙂


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