Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette


I know there’s about a million other blogs that review their UD Naked Basics Palette, but I thought I would as well. Why not?

I picked up this product a few months ago. This is my second UD palette, the first being the Naked 3. I don’t tend to be very bold with my eye shadows; I usually go for neutral colors – browns, flesh, etc. Since I had about three or four different drug store brand eye shadow palettes in my makeup bag, I knew that I wouldn’t stray too far from neutral eye shadow any time soon. And since I knew I would use it often, I decided to invest in this palette. After all, the Naked eyeshadows do get rave reviews.

Before purchasing this at Sephora, I had a custom makeover done so I could try out some products I was interested in. The time prior to this visit that I went to Sephora, I told the beauty assistant that I was interested in the Naked Basics palette. The girl informed me that this palette wasn’t supposed to be used on its own….that it was meant to be used as a base/compliment to one of the full sized Naked palettes. Needless to say, I was disappointed to hear that because I had my heart set on getting one of these to use.

I told Megan (the girl that was doing my custom makeover) about it. Megan was like “She was wrong; you can totally create an eye from this palette.” She then showed me how she would do it, and I was quite pleased because, as I said, I love natural looking eyeshadow, and she gave me a look that I was very comfortable with for everyday wear.

Here is a swatch of the six colors in this palette:

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 1.27.12 PM

1 – Venus
2 – Foxy
3 – Walk of Shame
4 – Naked 2
5 – Faint
6 – Crave

To create my every day eye, I really only use Venus, W.O.S, and Naked 2. Sometimes, if I want a smokier look, I’ll add in some Faint.

What I do is I prime my eyelid with Hard Candy’s Eye Shadow Primer, then I put Venus all over my lid up to my eyebrow. It’s a nice, natural color that is a god base for the other eye shadows. Then I put W.O.S over my lower lid and in my crease, then Naked 2 on the outer corner of my eye and blend it into my crease. For the smokier look, I take either Faint or Crave (depending on how dark I want it to be) and put them on the outer corner over the Naked 2 to build on it and blend it into the crease as well.

The day Megan did my makeup, she used Crave as an eye liner. Typically, I use a pencil for my eye liner, but the Crave did a great job as an eye liner and it would be good as a liner for when you’re doing a smokey eye because it’ll blend into your crease to achieve that effect much easier than a pencil will.

Another thing that is good about this palette is the size; it’s perfect for travelling. It has all the colors you would use for an every day eye and you can also create a more special look with it too (although I usually use my Naked 3 for special occasions). It also has a good sized mirror in it. The only negative thing is there is no room for a eyeshadow brush in it, but that’s not a huge issue.

My overall rating for the Naked Basics Palette is 5/5. I absolutely love it and would definitely repurchase when it runs out. I expect it will last me for quite awhile though.

This is definitely a Rave and Crave product! If you’re on the fence about getting it, go for it! 🙂


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