Thrift Store Haul: Episode One

Thrift Store Haul: Episode One

If I’m being honest, Value Village is seriously one of my favorite stores ever. I can find all of my favorite brands there, the clothes are like brand new, there’s lots of vintage treasures, and it’s way cheaper than buying it at the mall.

I am so, so pleased with my haul from today; I just have to share it with you!

First up is the yellow raincoat at the top of this post. It is from American Eagle. I’ve seen similar raincoats at AE for about $36 or so (if memory serves me right). I paid only $9.99 for this. The drawstring at the bottom is missing, but that’s not a big deal; it could easily be replaced. I figured I would need a raincoat for June because it’s usually such a rainy month here. Plus, American Eagle is my favorite brand. And I love the bright yellow. 🙂

Second is this Spring/Fall coat from Tattoo/Eclipse:


I have honestly been looking for one of these longer coats with a drawstring waist for the past few months. It seems to be a big trend right now and I love the look! I’ve seen coats very similar to this at Eclipse (same place this one is from) for $60-80. I paid only $9.99 for this one. When I bought it, I thought it just had an elastic waist (because it’s brought in in the back), but upon bringing it home, I’ve discovered that there IS a drawstring instead. I’m thrilled!

DSCF4320 DSCF4319

Next up is two turquoisey summery shirts. So excited for warm, breezy summer days in the chiffon one! I’m planning on wearing a ton of chiffon this summer; it’ll be so light for those hot days! The brand of that shirt is one I’ve never heard of before. I paid $7.99 for it. The other one is from Ardene, which I typically don’t buy clothes from, but this was too cute to pass up. Another perfect shirt for the summer. It was only $3.99. I’m loving these shade of blue — it looks good with my light brown/dark blonde/red tinted hair and it really makes my blue eyes pop!

Onto the next goodie:


I spotted this while I was in line at the check out! I am travel obsessed, so I love anything map/globe/travel related. And I do have glasses that I wear on the occasion when I’m not wearing contacts so this glasses case was a no brainer! The inside has a pretty baby pink color to it. I paid $2.99 for this.

I got two other things not pictured: “You Again” on dvd (great movie!) for $2.99 and a really ugly dresser/desk for $5.99. Seriously, this desk is hideous. It’s painted grey and blue, the paint job is terrible and has paint drips all over it, and the top of it has paper stuck to it. It has one big drawer along the top and two drawers going down the right hand side of it (the left side is an open spot that you sit at). The two drawers down the side, well, I couldn’t get them open.

Laura, why in the world did you get this ugly desk?

Well, I will now go on a seemingly unrelated tangent, but in a moment you will understand the relevance. So I’ve been eyeing a beautiful vanity/dressing table for a couple months now. It has free shipping to anywhere in the States (but I live in Canada, and nothing from the US ever ships to Canada for free…on the contrary, it costs about two kidneys and an arm to ship anything from the US to Canada). The vanity itself has a tri-mirror (a big mirror with two little mirrors on hinged panels on the sides) and it has five little drawers in it. It’s white and absolutely beautiful. But it costs $214 US…which is probably about $250 Canadian. To ship it to Canada would cost approximately another $100. I COULD get it shipped to the nearest State to me, but to send it to a US parcel receiving area would cost about $10 for them to store it til I pick it up…and it would cost me about $30 duty to bring it over the border, and it would also cost me anywhere from $50-75 to go pick it up. So anyway I look at it, the vanity would cost me about $350.

That’s where this drawer comes in. I’ve toyed with the idea in my head that if I found just the right drawer/desk that I would try to make my own vanity table. Well, this drawer has the perfect layout for a vanity. So I’m going to take it on as a project to sand it and paint it with. And with some help from my handyman dad, I’m sure we can get those drawers to open and close with ease! Then, I plan on hitting up yard sales/thrift stores over the next few months to find the perfect mirror and stool to go with it. I’m pretty excited about this project and will definitely share it with you once it’s transformed. 🙂

I’m pretty pleased and excited about my finds at the thrift store today! Have you found any great deals lately?


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