bun head

LOVE this bun by Gold Top Fox. Repinning so I’ll remember to try it!

Gold Top Fox

photo 3

buns are a big deal. they are on every girls head and it is so nice just throwing all that hair up out of the way. i do this look on my third (and last thankfully) dirty hair day. ew. gross. i know. but it keeps my hair super soft and healthy so i deal with it. (dry shampoo = lifesaver) i’ve gotten a lot of compliments and it is super easy so i know it is a winner.


things you need: ponytail holder, bun shaper, bobby pins, comb, and a hair brush (hairspray is optional). ok quick side note on this ponytail holder. they are the best things ever. they don’t leave a crease (unless you leave it in all day) and they don’t pull your hair. i seriously love them. my mom found them at nordstrom and immediately started sending them to everyone. now i can’t go back…

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