Liebster Award #2 :)


Hi friends!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award a second time and I am so thrilled – thank you so much, Samantha! Honestly, I am so thankful for everyone’s support of my blog. I just started my blog around a week ago and already I have 70-something followers, have been nominated for this award a couple times, and have received lots of comments and positive feedback from you all – so thank you all SO much for all the encouragement you’ve sent my way. It brightens my day to know you’re enjoying my posts. 🙂

Please make sure you check out her blog SpringSummerSam! 🙂 She blogs about lots of things like Makeup Box hauls, her Couch to 25k journey, makeup reviews, delicious recipes, etc! I’m sure that if you enjoy my blog that you will also enjoy hers – her blog appeals to a wide variety of interests! 🙂

Here are the questions Samantha asked:

1. What is your favorite mascara?

Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara, although I just got a sample size of They’re Real by Benefit and have been using it the past couple days — I REALLY like it and I’ll probably end up getting a full size sometime. So those two are my favorite for highend. For drug store brand makeup, I really like Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies Mascara.

2. Who are your favorite beauty gurus on Youtube?

Honestly, I don’t watch a ton of beauty guru videos but I have watched quite a few by Leighannsays.

3. What is your favorite movie to stream on Netflix?

I don’t have Netflix anymore, but I really liked watching the Pretty Little Liars seasons on it. I don’t really remember what all I watched for movies on there.

4. Do you apply concealer before or after your foundation?

I used to apply it before for the longest time….but a few months ago I started putting it on after foundation and I prefer it this way.

5. Lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss?

All! It depends on my mood! 🙂

6. Heels or flats?

Flats are most convenient for me and my usual daily activities, but I LOVE dressing up and wearing heels. So I’m going to choose heels!

7. What is your favorite high-end hair product?

Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner.

8. Where do you buy your best clothes?

Value Village! My favorite brands are American Eagle and H&M. I also like some stuff from RW&Co though.

9. Why did you start a blog?

Because I was inspired by all the beauty blogs I had been following and thought it might be fun to try it and see how successful I could be at it.

10. Chocolate bar or fruit snack?

Chocolate bars are my favorite but I am currently trying to lose weight and be healthier so I would probably opt for the fruit snack.

11. What is the best smelling soap or body wash?

Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, and Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works!


Now for the Liebster Award Rules:

You must link back to the person who nominated you; You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you. You must pick 11 nominees with under 2000 followers to answer your 11 questions; You cannot nominate the person who nominated you; You must let the people you nominate know they have been nominated.

 My questions for Nominees:

1. Where’s your top three countries/cities you would like to visit and why?

2. What travel-sized items will you be packing in your travel makeup bag this summer?

3. What’s your favorite drug store brand and product?

4. Save money or Splurge on setting powder?

5. Which celebrity’s closet do you wish was yours? Which celebrity’s makeup artist do you wish was yours?

6. Whenever you’re at the thrift store, what’s one item you’re hoping to find?

7. Do you feel like you need to wear makeup every day? Or are you confident enough to go bare faced some days?

8. Favorite sunscreen?

9. Favorite accessory?

10. French manicure or funky pattern/bright colors?

11. Favorite beauty hack?

And a bonus question:

12. Favorite 90s trend that you’re most likely to wear?


And now for my nominees… 

 Diana’s Adventures * Elaimee * Lipgloss and a Backpack * TraceInThePlace * Beauty By Burdess * Jasmin Charlotte Lifestyle * Gold Top Fox * Mykelaclaire * Closet Bouquets * The Lilly Mint Blog * The Beauty Glamazon


Have fun! Looking forward to reading all your posts! 🙂


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