Benefit’s You Go Gals! Review

Benefit's You Go Gals! Review

I’ve been meaning to do another review for over a week now, so I finally got around to it. 🙂 This review is of the “You Go Gals” kit from Benefit. Included in it is travel sized “Girl Meets Pearl,” “Porefessional” and “That Gal.” I paid $22 for this kit. Originally, I was only going to get a travel sized Porefession, but what would have cost $12 alone…so I figured I might as well spend an extra $10 and get two other products to try as well.

When they arrived in the mail….I was surprised at just how small the kit was:



Anyway, here are the three products inside:


First of all, lets start with Girl Meets Pearl. I originally tried this mixed in with my BB cream. I felt that when applied like that, it made my whole face look pretty shiny….like I just got back inside from a hot summer day. But then I tried dabbing it on under my eyes for a highlighting effect. It actually looks really nice when applied in moderation. It gives a very natural, dewy glow and has a nice pearly pink tint to it. It’s nice but honestly, I wouldn’t bother buying the full size. The only way I’d probably ever buy this again is if it came as part of a kit. There’s other powder highlighters that work just as well, cept they might not look as dewy as Girl Meets Pearl.

Secondly, That Gal. Honestly, this is my favorite from the kit!! I’ve only used it three times but I LOVE it and am definitely going to invest in a full size one once my budget allows it! This goes so nice and smoothly onto the face…it almost feels like a moisturizer! It really does create a smooth base for your foundation or BB cream. I tried this under my Diorskin foundation and it made my complexion look nearly flawless (I had some dryness on my forehead which the foundation didn’t cover). I’ve worn That Gal under my Covergirl BB cream both yesterday and today and it really, really makes my skin look flawless. And so smooth. It just makes your foundation and BB cream go on so beautifully! And I find that my skin does look brighter with it on! It would be a great product to wear under foundation or alone.

I’ve been covering my whole face in That Gal and then putting Porefessional on my nose….and it does wonders!! I’m not sure if it’s the That Gal or Porefessional…or both together, but it really does a great job of blurring my pores and making them look smaller (and I have pretty big pores!) I think that That Gal does a fairly good job on the pores alone, but I do like to dab the Porefessional on just to be sure those pores behave themselves! 🙂 So yes, definitely getting a full size That Gal some day. I’ve never tried a primer that I’ve loved as much as this one. Actually, I haven’t really loved any primers that I’ve tried before, so I was so glad to come across That Gal.

I also do really like the Porefessional — like I said, it does do a great job of blurring the pores and making them look smaller. I’m not sure that I would buy a full size Porefessional though….maybe. But I wouldn’t mind getting another travel sized one when this one runs out.

Individual ratings of the products:

Girl Meets Pearl: 3/5 – honestly, I just don’t think it’s worth the price. As mentioned before, there are other cheaper products you can get to achieve the same effect. There really wasn’t any “wow” with this product.

That Gal : 5/5 – I really and truly had a “wow” reaction when putting this on the first few times. I just really love how nicely it goes on. Last night, I couldn’t stop looking at how glowy and flawless my face looked after using That Gal and BB cream (oh, and a little concealer too). Definitely worth getting a full size.

Porefessional: 4/5 – The first time I tried this (at Shopper’s Drug Mart), I had a “wow” response too. Literally. It really does what it’s supposed to do. Since it’s only for the nose though, and I don’t tend to concern myself too much with how my nose looks, I probably wouldn’t buy a full size one of these because the price is outrageous. But I would consider another travel size.

“You Go Gals” kit: 4.5/5 – Overall, I’m really glad I got this kit. I think it’s a good kit for the summer…instead of piling a bunch of makeup on, you could do a nice natural face with these three products – prime, reduce pores, and highlight. The products don’t feel heavy – you can hardly tell they’re on, they feel so nice! The reason this product didn’t get a full 5/5 is because of the size of the product…I was unpleasantly surprised by how small it was. I was like “I spent $22 on this???… -_-” But once I tried the products, I know it was worth it. I’d definitely recommend this kit!

Have you tried any/all of these products? What did you think?



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