Sephora Mini Haul


Hi Lovelies!

Last weekend, I FINALLY got to a Sephora– actually, two of them to be exact. It’s always a treat to go there because the closest one to my house is over two hours away.

The first visit I made to a Sephora was to return some of my makeup I wasn’t using much. I had a bareMinerals foundation and a full size Posietint. I wasn’t sure if they’d allow me to return them since I’ve had them for awhile… I’ve had the Posietint since August. But they took both of them back no problem, and I got an $82 gift card to spend as a result! Wahoo!!

I had planned on getting a Laura Mercier primer. But I had a hard time deciding between the original and the radiance ones, so I got samples of both to see which I liked better. The other sample I got was of the NARS sheer glow. I’ve sampled it before, but I always try to get an expensive foundation sample every time I visit a Sephora. I also purchased the Makeup Forever lip liner which is a PERFECT match for the MUFE deluxe sample lipstick I got with my 100 points redemption a month or two ago. It’s my first lip liner and I’m so excited to try the liner/lipstick duo!

For my next visit to Sephora, I booked a 45 minute consultation to try out some new products… And because I really like getting my makeup done and learning tips and pointers from the makeup artists. What I just recently found out was that Sephora also does free express facials. They’re pushing the Ole Henriksen skin care line right now, so that’s the express facial I got. Then I got my makeup done. I was planning on buying the Laura Mercier radiance primer and the Vita Liberata self tanner mousse…but once I saw how beautiful the Naked 1 palette eyeshadow look was, I knew I needed to add it to my collection. So I bought the Naked 1. I was very surprised (and pleased!) to find out that the VL self tanning mousse was actually a 100 point perk… And it’s 30 ml! I was planning on buying the smaller size (50ml) instead of the full size to give it a try. I was so happy to be able to try it for free! I did have to buy an $8 mitt to apply it with though.

As as a side note, an Hourglass rep was present at the Sephora. I asked my makeup artist to try the ambient lighting palette on me. The Hourglass rep came over and showed us the proper way to use the three colours. That palette is GORGEOUS.

Anyway, that’s my haul. Have you tried any of these products? What’s your faves?

Which Laura Mercier primer is your fave?



7 thoughts on “Sephora Mini Haul

  1. I wish the local Sephora in my country would take back items as well… They only have a 7 day return policy here, and that’s only if you have not use the product at all too. I regret almost half the purchases I made after trying it for the first time. How did you find Naked 1 palette? I had it for a while but I just can’t figure out how to utilise it fully with my Naked 2 palette, and had sold it off the first chance I got. Kind of regretting it now since the same thing is happening with my Naked 2 palette. Am wondering if I should switch back?

    On the other hand, I’m absolutely loving my LM oil-free primer, much better than the Amazing Cosmetics one that I tried. No love for silicone-based primers here, they tend to dry out disgustingly after a while…

    How is the NARS one? Is it worth the splurge? I only own the tinted moisturiser but have yet to open it since I have too many foundations lying around. XD

    1. Thanks for reading! Wow, it’s too bad that your Sephora has that exchange policy…especially since we spend so much on cosmetics, and it’s a waste if it’s something we hardly use!

      I’ve only tried the Naked 1 once so far on my own. I’ve also got the Naked 3. I like the 1 because it has more Browns where as the 3 is more pinky. I really liked the smokey eyes you can create with the 1. I’ll have to write a review in the 1 once I’ve used it more!

      As for the NARS, foundation, I can’t remember what I thought about it the first time I sampled it. I’ll have to let you know when I use it this time. I have heard so many good things about it though that I’ve been considering purchasing it….but I already have four other high end foundations so I’m not sure I can justify buying it yet because there’s other things is rather get. Please let me know how you like the tinted moisturizer!

      1. Will do on the tinted moisturizer! Tried it at the store, and I love how it feels so light and yet lasts till I wash off my makeup. I’ve only tried on my cheeks which are pretty dry sometimes, have yet to do so on my oily T zone so I will have to see! On the other hand, I’ve just gotten my hands on the NARS Laser Cut Palette from the Fall collection last year. It’s still available at my local NARS, haha.

        And I kind of realised that the naked palettes don’t really work as well on Asian eyes as much as I see on others, they just don’t come across as wearable. Shall have to experiment more…

        I’m actually switching between my MUFE HD foundation and Laneige BB cushion now, while my MAC studio fix plus is kind of lying around. Not actually satisfied with any of them. 😦

      2. The high end foundations I have are UD’s Naked, Estee Lauder’s Double Wear, Marc Jacob’s Gel Infused (or whatever it’s called) and Dior Air Flask. I actually really like all three. I got the MJ one first and loved it. Haven’t used it lately because it’s too dark for me in the winter, but it goes with my tan in the summer time. Then I got the EL one. This one I love as well- it’s a heavier foundation so I don’t wear it all the time…only on fancier occasions when I want more coverage. And it has some crazy staying power…I’ve put it on at 8am and it was still going strong at 10pm that night, the Dior one I don’t use very much…not sure why, I kind of forget I have it sometimes…probably because it was over $60 and I saved it for special occasions. It’s pretty nice though…gives that nice airbrushed look. The UD is more of a good day to day wear as its light coverage and feels light. I also had the BareMinerals brightening foundation (I don’t remember what it’s called), but returned it. Probably didn’t use it much because I don’t think it matched my face well…seemed a little too yellow for me. But I liked the brightening effect it had.

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