Formula X Surprise!

Hi Lovelies!

So, my mom told me a package had arrived for me…and I was really confused because I wasn’t expecting a package. She told me it was from some guy named Romeo S. 

Strange, eh?

Upon inspection of the package, it looked like it came from Sephora. Here’s what was inside:

  A super convenient, travel friendly nail polish kit from Formula X! It has a nail cleaner, base coat, polish, and top coat! 
They detach like this:


How cool is that?! And I didn’t even order this! I guess they just selected me to get a free sample in the mail!

Pretty excited about this one!

Anyone else get one of these bad boys?



4 thoughts on “Formula X Surprise!

  1. I didn’t get it, but apparently they sent it to all the beauty advisors for sephora or some such, I wish I had got it because I freaking love formula x. It’s life!

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