Items I’m Returning to Sephora

Hello Lovelies!

I heard a rumour that Sephora is changing their exchange policy on July first to 30 day returns with a receipt. Thus, I’m making a trip to my nearest Sephora to return some stuff before that policy kicks in. 

Last month, I returned a full size Benefit Posietint and Bareminerals Bareskin Brightening Foundation. Even though it was about nine months since I bought the Posietint, they still took it back no problem.

Here’s what I’m returning this time:

 Naked Basics- I actually have no complaints about this palette as it’s actually quite nice. However, I have Naked Basics 2, Naked 1, Naked 3, and Naked on the Run. With all of those other palettes, I never use Naked a Basics anymore. It’s worth like $36, and I’d rather have something else that I’ll get more use out of.

  Bare minerals Mineral Veil- this is a loose, messy powder. I always get it all over the place. I had been using it as a setting powder but it makes my face look very chalky. It’s worth like… $30 bucks I think.

  Smashbox Contour Kit- I actually really like this kit. It is a regular in my makeup bag. The only problem is that the highlighter doesn’t show up on my skin since I’m so pale. I might try returning this and getting a contour kit with more options, like the Kat Von D contour palette. I do love this kit though.

   Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body- this has a nice, shimmery effect. It doesn’t make you look like a disco ball, but it is pretty sparkly. It has a nice mirror in the box and there is also another section in the box below the powder that holds a small brush. I just never use this and would rather have something I’ll use more. This is worth $35.

So there you have it- things I’m returning to Sephora this weekend, wish me luck! I’m planning on getting the Laura Mercier Radiance primer but need a few suggestions on other things to get. I’m looking for a good gel pot eyeliner. What are some things from Sephora you love? Give me some ideas!



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