June 2015 Topbox Review

Hello Lovelies!

Last year, I had been a subscriber to Ipsy. For the most part, I enjoyed Ipsy but once the exchange rate went up and Ipsy bags cost around $18 a month, I couldn’t justify spending that much money on it each month, so I cancelled.

I have been hearing so many great things about Topbox and was wanting to try another beauty subscription…and Topbox was cheap. Only $12 a month plus tax. So a little over $13. I gave it a try. 

And my first box was terribly disappointing. To say I was underwhelmed is a huge understatement. Here’s what I got:

Essie nail stickers. Honestly, I don’t think I’d EVER wear them. I don’t think they’re that pretty at all and are definitely not my style. Plus, you can get them at Dollarama…

Aveda hair products….for thinning hair. Ugh, seriously? I’m not aging and balding…in fact, I have crazy thick hair. Every hair dresser I go to tells me that I have the most hair they’ve ever seen in their lives. It takes me an hour and a half or more to straighten my hair. I definitely will never need to use this.

A handcream from a brand I’ve never heard of. I have so many hand creams that I already don’t use, so why would I need another? I’ll probably try to use it periodically so I won’t feel like my $13 was a total waste.


 Lastly, I got a full size nail polish. I like nail polish, and I like pink…but why did it have to be such a bold, bright pink? I would only ever consider wearing this on my toes, never my fingers. It’s another product I’d never purchase but might try to use it so my $13 wasn’t a total waste.

I was seriously so disappointed with my Topbox that I wrote a complaint to the company and said if they didn’t up their game next month that I’d cancel. They responded and told me to send them a list of my preferences, which I did. They then sent me a survey for how their customer service was. I told them they had responded promptly but I couldn’t really give a full review of the service until I saw they were going to try to fix my dissatisfaction. I was then told they’d send me replacement hair products in next months box, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m honestly not really the confrontational, complaint type of person. But my expectations were so high and I was sorely disappointed. I felt like it was a complete waste of $13 because I didn’t get a single product I liked. Now that I’m in my late twenties, I have a lower tolerance for companies that waste my money, so I’m more likely to speak up when I’m dissatisfied. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m cranky. I just wasn’t impressed at all with Topbox.

How was your Topbox experience this month? What’d you get?




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