July 2015 Topbox

Hello Lovelies!

Just received my Topbox for July and wanted to show you what I got! I got a couple of extra products this month because I sent in a complaint last month about how disappointed I was with my first Topbox and that the hair products they sent me were the total opposite of what I actually needed. Read my post about my June Topbox here.

Kudos to Topbox though, this month – as promised- they sent me a couple additional products to replace last months hair products. Here’s what I got:

Matrix Oil Wonders Shampoo and Conditioner- there are four packets here. This is one of the replacement products I was sent.

BC Bonacure Hair Therapy Beauty Balm- This is the second replacement item I was sent.

Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner- Was SO excited about this! This alone is probably worth nearly the entire price of the Topbox. I’m a fan of Benefit and was very happy to receive one of their newer items.

OFRA Universal Eyebrow- I’m a little skeptical about this. It looks too dark for me but it says it will match blonde brows if applied with a light hand, so I’ll give it a try when my ABH Brow Wiz runs out. 

So Susan Rose Quartet- Also very excited about this lip/cheek cream quad. I’ll probably only use it for lips. It comes with a small brush, but it looks kinda gross and it fell apart. Oh well. I probably wouldn’t have used it anyway. Looking forward to trying this though. 

Shu Uemura Nourishing a Protective Oil- So. Many. Hair. Products. But I might as well give them all a try. Out of the three hair products I got this month, probably most looking forward to this one.

After last months disappointment, I was seriously considering cancelling after this month, however, Topbox provided good customer service and I actually really like this month’s box….so I guess I’ll stay subscribed for at least another month.

What did you get in your Topbox?

If you’re not subscribed to Topbox but are interested, let me know so I can send you an invite. 🙂

– Laura


3 thoughts on “July 2015 Topbox

    1. I was so, so pleasantly surprised to get that liner!! That alone was worth the price of the box! I thought it’d be valued at about $10, but found out today at Sephora that the liner actually costs $16! Whoa. 😀

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