Model Co Shine Ultra Lipgloss Review

Hello Lovelies!

I received this Model Co lipgloss in my August Topbox (to see more of what I got in my top box this month, click here!).

Here’s the lipgloss:


Here’s what I thought of it…

At first, I wasn’t overly impressed when I pulled it out of my top box. But hey, I’m always game for using new lip products, so I knew I’d use it. But it blew my mind when I saw what it retails for…. $20! That’s what the website says. Sheesh. And I’m not sure, but that might be in USD…if that’s the case, then it’s like $125 CAD. Okay, slight exaggeration there, but the exchange rate is ridiculous. But it’s probably in CAD because that’s the price that was also quoted on my Topbox info card.

My first thought was “Yeah, this is definitely a low end brand masquerading as a high end brand.” I’ve never even heard of Model Co until I started reading about subscription boxes.

Here’s what Model Co’s website says about it:

Create a glamorous, lacquered pout with ModelCo’s SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss. The reflective, shimmering gloss lends a luxe touch to your beauty look, and glides on smoothly for a non-sticky, long-lasting finish.

The tall thin bottle and smart inbuilt mirror makes SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss perfect for small handbags and on-the-go application.

SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss can be worn alone or layered over your favourite LIPSTICK LIP COUTURE for hours of unbeatable shine.

Why you need it:

Reflective, shimmering gloss that enhance lip contours.

Non-sticky formula with a soft colour tint.

Inbuilt mirror for flawless application.

Slim and slender; the ideal handbag staple.

So, I started using this product over the past couple days, and here’s my first impressions:

Color – The color I received is “striptease.” The first thing I did when I started using this was remove the sticker with the name on it. It bothers me that cosmetic companies constantly seem to try to one-up each other when it comes to having racy names. Is that really necessary? This color is a light orangey/pink color with sparkles in it. I wasn’t crazy about the fact that it had sparkles in it. But when I actually put it on….it doesn’t really look like sparkly lipgloss. It makes my lips look very hydrated and glossy but it doesn’t really have much of a tint to it. I like the way it makes my lips look.

Here’s a swatch:


See it?

So, I like the look of it.

Packaging – I have to give props to Model Co…this packaging is lovely and chic. I’m especially a fan of the mirror on the barrel. This is the first lippie I’ve had that’s come with a mirror like that. Definitely bonus.

Smell/Taste – Peachy.

Feel – It feels SO nice. It doesn’t feel that sticky. It feels glossy and moisturizing. I seriously applied this at least ten times during my 7 1/2 hour shift at work tonight because I just love the feel of it on my lips!

So would I repurchase this?

Not for $20. No way. Yes, it is a very nice product. But I wouldn’t have ever bought it on it my own. I’m glad I got it in my Topbox to try out. And yes, I’ll be disappointed when it runs out. But despite how nice it is and how chic the packaging is…there’s nothing super special about this gloss that makes it worth $20. Seriously….I could spend an extra $4 and get an Urban Decay gloss…so why would I want to spend $20 on a lipgloss I’ve only ever heard of through subscription boxes? If it was $5-7 in the store, I’d consider getting it…but even then, I don’t tend to spend that much on lip glosses.

Product-wise, I rate this a 4.5/5, but I definitely don’t think it’s worth that much money. I think you can find glosses that are just as much at a quarter of the price.

Have you tried this lip gloss? What did you think?



4 thoughts on “Model Co Shine Ultra Lipgloss Review

  1. Per your suggestion, I gave your review a read. 🙂
    That is one awesome review for a product, I’m actually reconsidering trying this out. Maybe it’s because I don’t tend where lippies that whenever I get them I’m not so excited, but now I’m happy I have this. Thanks for posting this!

    And $125!! haha! love it- I’ve had to stop shopping on American sites until the dollar goes back up 😥

    1. Hahah, glad you enjoyed the review! Let me know what you think of it – hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. 🙂

      And yeah, the exchange is so brutal! I would actually like to resub to Ipsy, but I can’t justify spending almost $20 on the bag!

      1. I got a couple good items in my Topbox, but I couldn’t bring myself to keep paying for it either because I keep getting haircare (which I hate getting) and skincare (which I’m just kinda “meh” about). I want something with more makeup around the $10 range…but I don’t know if there’s any more Canadian subs like that. Do you know?

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