Bio: Hi friends, I'm Laura and I'm in my late twenties. Although I'm brand new to WordPress, I am by no means new to the blogging world. I've had a blog/website since I was in my mid teens. I even used to do my own HTML coding. But now I enjoy how simple blog hosts make it to create my own blog. I believe in and follow Jesus and He gives me hope. 🙂 I love travelling; it's one of my passions. So far I've been in Canada (where I live), the United States, Mexico, St Maarten (Caribbean), St Kitts & Nevis (Caribbean), Dominican Republic, Russia, Germany (although it was eight hours in an airport), Iceland (another airport visit but I'd love to actually visit someday), England, and France. I love the beautiful beaches + waters of the Caribbean, but I also love the rich history of Europe. Along with my love for travel, I also have a big interest in cultures and languages. I've studied, to some extent, French, Spanish (my favorite), Hebrew, and a little Greek. I hope to be fluent in Spanish someday. This blog is primarily a beauty blog. Honestly, I am not the type to never go out without makeup on. At least half of the time, I don't wear makeup. But the other half of the time I enjoy wearing it. It gives me that little extra boost of confidence. I used to only think I should wear makeup whenever there's something special going on or someone special in my life. Only recently have I started to believe that I don't need to have those reasons to dress nicely and wear beautiful (and sometimes expensive) makeup. So here's my little piece of the internet; some beauty related posts and just some cute pictures of things that have caught my eye. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

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